Kitchen equipment

      Necessities       Dishes       Basic       College       Intermediate       Gourmet       Baking       Entertaining       Asian       Mexican

aluminum foil dish towels hot pads resealable plastic bags
dish cloths dishwasher tablets paper towels trash bags
dish detergent hand soap dispenser plastic wrap trash can

bowls glasses - wine serving platters silverware
egg cups (G) mugs - coffee and tea serving bowls steak knives (G)
glasses plates serving utensils

Basic equipment
baking sheet cutting boards potato masher spoon rest
beer opener dish drainer pots - pasta and medium spoons - plastic and wooden
broiler pan garlic press salt and pepper shakers storage containers
butter dish ice cube trays sauce pans with lids utensil drawer insert
can opener knives - paring, chefs scissors vegetable peeler
casserole - 8x8" and 9x13" ladle silverware whisk
colander measuring cups - liquid and dry skillets - 12", 8" with lids
corkscrew measuring spoons slotted spoon metal
crock for cooking utensils mixing bowls spatulas - metal and plastic

College equipment
All the Basic equipment plus the following
coffee maker microwave rice maker slow cooker toaster

Intermediate equipment (I)
All the Basic equipment plus the following
bowls - little glass hand mixer pizza pan slow cooker
box grater kettle plates, working steamer
brush - heat-proof knife block - small potato scrubber toaster
citrus reamer microwave rice maker zester
coffee maker paper towel holder roasting pan
fork - large metal pizza cutter salad spinner

Gourmet equipment (G)
All the Basic and Intermediate equipment plus the following
blender juicer rice maker - gourmet stick blender
cast iron skillet knife sharpener roasting rack stock pot - large
condiment dispenser large knife block scale toaster oven
fish steamer/poacher large salad bowl skewers waffle maker
food mill Le Creuset pans spice grinder wine cooler
food processor mortar and pestle spice rack
grill oven - countertop like a Breville stand mixer

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(I) means for an Intermediate kitchen       (G) means for a Gourmet kitchen       All others are for the Basic kitchen.

Baking equipment
baking sheets cooling racks pastry brush pie weights
biscuit cutter cupcake foils pastry tubes rolling pin
bread pans muffin pan pie pan spring form pan
bread rising bowl parchment paper pie server tart pan - removable bottom

Entertaining equipment
escargot plates mini salt and pepper shakers plate chargers utensil rests
glasses - after dinner and champagne name plates tea pot wine decanter

Asian equipment
rice maker - basic or gourmet chopsticks steamer, bamboo sushi making kit wok

Mexican equipment
comal molcajete, volcanic rock steamer for tamales tortilla press tortilla server