Pantry ingredients

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Basic pantry ingredients
See also Freezer ingredients and Spices
Room temperature:
all-purpose flour oatmeal
baking powder onions
baking soda pasta
bread peanut butter
canned beans potatoes
canned tomatoes rice
canned tuna sugar
cooking spray vegetable oil
crackers vinegar
butter mayonnaise
cheese milk
eggs mustard
jelly/jam soy sauce

College pantry ingredients
All the Basic pantry ingredients plus the following
Room temperature:
barbecue sauce pasta sauce
canned soup salsa
macaroni tortilla chips, thick

Intermediate pantry ingredients (I)
All the Basic pantry ingredients plus the following
Room temperature:
balsamic vinegar, dark olive oil
balsamic vinegar, white stock
brown sugar tomato paste
cocoa powder vanilla extract
cornstarch vegetable shortening
garlic vinegar, red wine
hot sauce vinegar, white wine
maple syrup
pickle relish

Gourmet pantry ingredients (G)
All the Basic and Intermediate pantry ingredients plus the following
Room temperature:
anchovies powdered sugar
Arborio rice rum
balsamic vinegar, aged truffle oil
cognac vinegar, aged balsamic
cream of tartar vinegar, apple cider
Grand Marnier vinegar, sherry
honey wine, red and white
olive oil, superior quality yeast
bacon fat
Dijon mustard

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(I) means for an Intermediate kitchen       (G) means for a Gourmet kitchen       All others are for the Basic kitchen.

Freezer ingredients
fruit tomato paste (I)
homemade stock (G) vegetables

allspice, berries (G) cumin seeds (G) pepper, aleppo (G)
allspice, ground (I) dill weed (I) pepper, cayenne (I)
basil garlic powder pepper, d’espelette (G)
bay leaves (I) ginger, ground pepper, white (G)
chili powder liquid smoke (G) peppercorns (G)
cinnamon, ground (I) nutmeg (I) rosemary
cinnamon sticks (G) onion powder saffron (G)
cloves, ground (I) oregano salt, table
cloves, whole (I) paprika - sweet, 1/2 sharp (I) sea salt (G)
cumin powder (I) pepper, ground thyme

Asian pantry ingredients
allspice fish sauce sherry, dry
chiles, dried red ginger powder Sichuan peppercorns
chili sauce ginger, fresh soy sauce, dark
Chinese 5-spice hoisin sauce soy sauce, regular
coconut milk mushrooms, dried Chinese star anise
coriander powder oyster sauce tamarind
cumin powder peanut oil turmeric powder
curry powder Sambal Oelek vinegar, rice
fennel seeds sesame oil wine, rice
fermented black beans sesame seeds

Mexican pantry ingredients
achiote seasoning chiles, dried pasilla limes
ancho chile powder chipotle powder masa harina
canned chiles cilantro oregano, Mexican
canned chipotles in adobo sauce cinnamon, canela pepitas
chiles, dried ancho Cotija cheese piloncillo
chiles, dried arbol epazote tortillas
chiles, dried chipotle lard

Indian pantry ingredients
cardamom - ground, pods curry powder or make your own saffron
chiles, dried red fenugreek sesame seeds
cloves - ground, whole fish sauce turmeric
coriander - ground, seeds garam masala or make your own
cumin - ground, seeds mustard - ground, seeds